CMI Entrepreneur Springboard

The Entrepreneur Springboard

CMI’s Paid Training Program for the Future Entrepreneur

“Unlock Your Potential!”

CMI has developed a ground breaking Paid Program that approaches Entrepreneurship as a creative process, a fundamental human instinct that we all possess and can all unlock. Our program is designed to develop you with the basic mindset, knowledge, skills, insight and coaching to pursue an Entrepreneurial Career.

What You Will Learn and Apply:

Contemporary Design of Business Models
Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice
Introduction into Marketing
Leadership 101
Personal Branding
Developing a Strategically Competitive Business Plan
Managing Entrepreneurial Enterprises & The Global Market
Building a Sustainable Business
Principles of Economics
Self and Team Motivation
Identification & Evaluation of the Prospective Consumer
Identification & Evaluation of Competitive Advantage
Career Coaching and Management Shadows

Open Positions

All Stages are Full time, salaried roles with a competitive bonus structure.

This stage of the program will work on client and consumer relations. You will learn:
Brand/ Client Representation
Interviewing and Public Speaking Skills
Managing a Company Brand
Sales Techniques
A Successful Business Attitude
Communications Skills
Building Relationships/ Networking
Self Confidence
Goal Setting
Image/ Professionalism

The emphasis of this position will be on developing the necessary skills early in your career that will build not only profitability but also the ability to teach and motivate others.

The Leadership stage is the biggest step forward: Focusing on learning how to teach and motivate others as well as:

Replacing yourself- explaining and relating your business to others

Using Attitude and Communication to Excite Others

Leading from the Front

Being a Positive Role Model

Teaching the techniques of business through impacts

Team Leadership

Establishing Team Goals and Company Culture
Profit/Loss, Managing Payroll, Creating a break-even budget

Interviewing Techniques

The final stage of the Entrepreneurship Springboard is designed to fine tune management and motivational skills as it pertains to the internal operations of a business. You will take on more responsibilities within the infrastructure of the business as well as learn more on:

Fine Tuning motivational skills

Morning Meetings


Leaders Meetings

Opportunity Meetings

Career Coaching

Critical Conversations

All aspects of administration, banking, and client services

Understanding Recruiting and Talent Acquisitions 

Social Media Branding

Business planning – short term and long term

Business Expansion planning

Long term Relationship Maintenance with Client Base

Save, Investment and Spending Budgets (401K, Benefits, etc.)