Core Values

Core Values


Chicago Marketing strives to be a model for diversity and inclusion. Our company proudly reflects the many faces, cultures and characteristics that make up our world. We respect, value and celebrate the unique collection of attributes and perspectives that distinguishes each person and makes them who they are. We vehemently believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively tend to the needs of our nationwide clientele that comprise an equally diverse market. It is our aim, therefore, that our partners, strategies and investments reflect this core value.


Workforce diversity is a journey. Throughout our 8-plus-year history, we have made significant strides towards creating a team comprised of uniquely different individuals with varying values, qualities, and personalities that we can embrace into our company culture. These unique individuals help us to continuously grow and build our brand by contributing new perspectives, ideas, and cultural understandings.

Our goal is to reflect the diversity of our consumers. We have done much to achieve this objective, and are firmly committed to making continued progress. Through this effort we place value in our people and nurture their development while ensuring that all employees go through a consistent process that provides equal opportunities for success.

Statement of Principle

At Chicago Marketing, diversity and inclusion remain vital to achieving our mission. We leverage the unique contributions of diverse individuals so that we can collectively and effectively create and grow opportunities for those who have the passion, perception and work ethic to match their ambitions and align them with our vision. Honing the power of diverse talent and partnering with clients that span the entirety of the global market opens the door to a range of possibility only subject to the constraints of physical aptitude. The possibilities are endless!